Dark Angel's Girl (darkangelsgirl) wrote in city_in_dust,
Dark Angel's Girl

Watching Over Los Angeles

When my cousin Rupert and his father told me I was destined to be a watcher I was not happy. I had plans. I wanted to be a major pop-rock star and be adored by hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. Rupert sighed and told me he'd had the same dream when he was my age and still played a club now and then, but Watching came first with him. I got the feeling he wanted to say more, but my uncle shoved the Watchers books at me and my first lesson started right off. I was only 16 then...

After his Da left, Rupert and I had a real talk. He told me about his dabblings in black magic and his rebellious years. I told him he should persue his music again someday. He's good. I made a compromise with him. I told him I would study the Watcher way, but I would continue to persue my dream. Good thing too...I've done pretty well in the music business in the last ten years. Not as well as that other, older British chick named Siouxsie, but I've done pretty well. Actually, I took the spelling from her name. Mine's really Susan. My stage name is SooZy. I like it. It's cute. Takes the audience by surprise when I step out and wail like a banshee.

My first assignment as a Watcher is in Los Angeles, California. I've already called the Slayer and told her to meet me there today. Rupert has told me a lot about her. I hope we get along. It might be a little strange for her having someone not much older than she is in the mentor position. I might need to call Rupert for advice every once in a while. We'll see...

ta for now,
Siouxsie shut down her laptop as the BritAir Jet Liner began it's desent into LAX. She hated flying internationally. It always made her feel like she had a hang-over. She checked her watch. It would be 5am in London now. "Geh, never been up this bloody early in my life. Not even when I was still in school."

She got a cab to the apartment Rupert had set up for her before he left. It was clean, in a nice neighborhood, would cost a lot to rent, but she could afford it. She settled in, took a shower, had a nap, got dressed and waited for her Slayer to arrive...
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