Dark Angel's Girl (darkangelsgirl) wrote in city_in_dust,
Dark Angel's Girl

Welcome To City In Dust RPG

The traditional Opening Toast...erm, I mean Post, will happen just as soon as we have enough players. Hee!
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Heya! What chars are left? Lemme know - sounds like fun and a hell of an improvement over Yahoo Groups! :-)
(Are we supposed to post questions like this here or is this a no-no? *sheepish look*)
It's all good...leaving comments is what LJ is all about :-D

I think most characters are still up for grabs...Dru is taken...um...Lilah is taken...not sure about evil Willow (not a vampire, btw...just evil)...um...I'm Siouxsie, the new Watcher...otherwise, I haven't been informed of anyone wanting anything in particular.
Hey Krista....is the community dead?? Cause if it is, I'll be leaving it..cause dead journals just make me all sad, lol.

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