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Willow has disappeared. Giles has gone to England. Xander and Anya are on the outs and she's gone home to her family. Angel is pretty-much destroyed by the loss of his son and does nothing but try to find ways of reuniting with him. Wesley has just recovered from his bout of insanity and has been released from the hospital, but he's still afraid to face Angel. Cordelia has gone off with her demon friend and can't be reached. Fred and Gunn are so wrapped up in each other they've forgotten how to fight. Dawn is having a teen-aged crisis and won't listen to anyone except Tara who is beside herself with worry over the missing Willow. Spike is still lurking in the shadows just a step-or-two behind Buffy. And who knows what Dru or Wolfram and Hart are up to....

Buffy is exhausted and recovering from a particularly bad day involving a demon with a toxin that made her believe she wasn't real, not much fun, when the phone rings and a very British, female voice announces that she's Buffy's new Watcher. She's told she must come to Los Angeles right away, because it's been overtaken by dark forces being led by a beautiful warrior-princess known around town as the Red Scourge. What Buffy doesn't realize is that it's Willow, who's overdosed on Rack's magic and turned to the dark-side.

The new watcher, Siouxsie - who has some Slayer's blood in her, has come from England to help Buffy fight the creatures that have overcome her home city. Siouxsie displays some unusually Slayer-like qualities in that she seems nearly impervious to pain and is as quick and lithe as a cat, always landing on her feet. Is there something Siouxsie is not telling Buffy about her heritage? Something that gives the people in her family almost...demon-like powers?

With the help of the few friends she has left in the world, her younger sister and a new watcher, Buffy must fight the worst evil she's ever had to fight in her entire life...her best friend.